Strong and durable car crankshaft for Isuzu4JJ1

Strong and durable car crankshaft for Isuzu4JJ1

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Applicable car models: Isuzu4JJ1

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For crankshaft rough machining, CNC lathes, CNC internal milling machines, CNC lathes, and other advanced equipment will be widely used for CNC turning, internal milling, and turning-braching of the main journal and connecting rod journal to effectively reduce the deformation of crankshaft machining. For crankshaft finishing, CNC-controlled crankshaft grinders will be widely used for finishing the journals. This type of grinding machine will be equipped with automatic requirements for grinding wheel dynamic balancing device, center frame automatic tracking device, automatic measurement, automatic compensation device, automatic grinding wheel dressing, constant linear speed and other functional requirements to ensure the stability of the grinding quality. The current status of high-precision equipment dependence on imports is not expected to change in the short term.

The company has high-quality processing equipment, scientific testing methods and a high-quality workforce. Main products: high-precision stamping die parts; auto parts; mechanical parts and automatic mechanical parts. Main machinery: CNC numerical control lathe, large numerical control lathe, CNC machining center, internal and external cylindrical grinding, crankshaft grinding, centerless grinding, honing, mirror grinding...etc. Is your trusted partner!

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