Excellencear crankshaft for Toyota1FZ

Excellencear crankshaft for Toyota1FZ

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Applicable car models:Toyota1FZ

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The crankshaft is one of the most typical and important parts of the engine. Its function is to convert the gas pressure transmitted by the crankshaft connecting rod into torque, which is used as power to output work, drive other working mechanisms, and drive the auxiliary equipment of the internal combustion engine to work. This means violent acceleration and deceleration, accompanied by high bending deformation, high torque and vibration impact, resulting in very high and variable stress. Such extreme stress requires careful design and calculation, selection of suitable materials and batch processing technology.

For crankshafts produced in large quantities, in order to improve product quality, a nitrogen-based atmosphere gas nitrocarburizing production line controlled by a microcomputer will be adopted in the future. Nitrogen-based atmosphere gas nitrocarburizing production line is composed of front washing machine (washing and drying), preheating furnace, nitrocarburizing furnace, cooling oil tank, rear washing machine (washing and drying), control system and gas distribution and other systems.

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