High quality automobile crankshaft for Toyota2RZ

High quality automobile crankshaft for Toyota2RZ

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Applicable car models:Toyota2RZ

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The function of the crankshaft counterweight (also called counterweight) is to balance the rotating centrifugal force and its torque, and sometimes it can also balance the reciprocating inertial force and its torque. When these forces and moments are balanced by themselves, the counterweight can also be used to reduce the load on the main bearing. The number, size and placement of the counterweight should be considered according to factors such as the number of cylinders of the engine, cylinder arrangement and crankshaft shape. The counterweight is generally integrated with the crankshaft by casting or forging. The high-power diesel engine counterweight is manufactured separately from the crankshaft and then bolted together.

High-quality car crankshaft, suitable for Toyota 2RZ, original factory quality, one year warranty. The perfect after-sales service system will give you technical support.Welcome domestic and foreign customers to inquire and visit our factory.

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