Standard craft car crankshaft for Toyota2Y

Standard craft car crankshaft for Toyota2Y

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Applicable car models:Toyota2Y

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In order to reduce the mass of the crankshaft and the centrifugal force generated during movement, the crankshaft journal is often made hollow. Oil holes are formed on each journal surface to facilitate the introduction or extraction of engine oil to lubricate the journal surface. In order to reduce the stress concentration, the joints of the main journal, crank pin and crank arm are all connected by transition arc.

The product is made of high-strength ductile iron and forged steel, and is treated with surface strengthening technology to improve the fatigue strength of the crankshaft. It is suitable for automobiles, ships, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, generator set,original quality, with good appearance, high density, smoothness, brightness and durability after finishing. Each product has undergone rigorous testing and its quality has been guaranteed. Box packaging has a good appearance and durable production cycle: 20-30 working days, neutral packaging/original packaging, mode of transportation: land, sea and air.

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